jeez even er gap down didnt teach people a lesson in $BNGO that u shoudnt believe in a PENNY STOCK company no natter the item, to think itll pump to 4 dollars instead of doing that pre market because not many shares are trading after hrs and pre market, is just pure dilusion, u ownt nail the next fb, aapl, amzn, this for sure as hell wont be on of em, many companies will update their system and make this obsolete, gl bulls! maybe next er gap down will convince u to stop believing in a penny stock? this aint a blue chip, if it was so great, they wouldnt be trading sub 1 dollar, this same battle ive had with yriv and esnc, guess what, down the garbage, w.e. someday u might land a penny stock thats actually worth something, but till then, multiple blow ups
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