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    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win (Pro versus Novice Traders).


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      Akil L. Stokes
      Forex Trader & Trading Coach at - Real Estate Investor - Track Coach - Sports Addict - Guest Contributor to @Entrepreneur & @FXTraderMag
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      Christopher Brecher Official Account
      ..President and CEO of BrecherTrading...Hyperactive, obsessive,professional trader since 1982. CBOE market maker(IBM PIT)
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      Danan Kirby Official Account
      U.S Army Vet. & Former Regulator. Current Institutional Client of Various Wall St. Firms. (Buy-Side) Low Volume High Quality Posts With An Institutional Perspective. Posts Not Investment Advice. This is Infotainment
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      Tracking the pulse of the markets. Get business news, personal finance information and real-time commentary from MarketWatch.
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      Bloomberg News
      This is the official page for Bloomberg News headlines. Follow us on Twitter for top global business news of the day.
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      Analyst Ratings Network
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