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      michael dell
      Double Tops & Bottoms a specialty trading like a Dolphin off the wakes of the ships at sea , BASSAR (buy at support/sell at resistance) Double tops & Double bottoms a specialty !
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      fahad alfahad
      You can follow me on twitter @alfahadf10
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      Patrick Tranter
      “The naive believe everything, but a wise man looks well into a matter.” -King Soloman *Proverbs 14:15* I've been trading stocks and commodities for a couple years now. I also sell cars and can deliver to any state in America.
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      Sonny De
      Get Rich or Die Trying
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      Drew Eastmond
      Senior programmer & entrepreneur in web and gaming. This gives me a unique perspective able to decipher between BS and legit news. I always research my stock heavily while invested. I expect to ride the gaming and mobile trend until it plays out.
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      Chris H Group
      Traded commodities market for 12 years. Went to stocks 2 years ago.
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      Erika M