$MDR based on what I am reading, they aren't in that bad of a position for BK to be a thing. 1.1 Billion in Cash and Restricted Cash for Letters of Credit 1 Billion in A/R *Potential 2.5 Billion for Lummus Sale *Whatever they get for the sell of the piping business ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lets call it 5B or so... & this doesn't change material operations All of McDermott's Debt (LT/ST) = 3.45 B (10 Q) + 1 B (Tranche A & B accessed) Also: - Loss projects are wrapping up (Asheville Power Plant, Line 1 and Line 10, Freeport LNG, Cameron LNG Trains). Tranche C and Tranche D could be in place for bidding on projects, the 1.7Billion was requested to fulfill a 1 billion liquidity target (among wrapping up projects/unexpected cost). Let it fly already MMs. My guess is on 1/15 there will be no news - b/c it will be business as usual. Just hold, I am sorry for those who bought on margin.
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