@Carissadavid @TraderGOAT @Daredevil11 It's still finding a bottom. That pop to $34 was a temporary bounce. We'll know more in the days ahead. Everyone needs to relax. If you guys are that concerned then pick a stock with a near-term catalyst which are safer swing trades. This is a technical reversal trade with possible pending news, so it's riskier. I trade and post my buys and sells, but one thing I don't do is comfort people on their current positions. If you did your thorough due diligence on everyone of your positions, then you wouldn't worry if it was down 30%. I bought CRMD in the high $6s and averaged down in the $4s after they announced an offering and look at it now. That stock will easily see $10 prior to it's catalyst date. So please do your dd and know what you're buying and manage your risk accordingly. If you're nervous then it's because you haven't done your dd and or went in too big. GL 🍻
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