@M_89 @ShantP21 @Oliwood @Uncle_Covid @denseanddumb @Jamz83 @AllJackedUp @grifmaster @Stock__Twists A victim of $GME shorting most likely; fund tanked by end of Jan. According to the New York Post, sources close to de Vaulx said he was hurt when some investors no longer trusted him with their money despite being worth millions of dollars. The firm's assets had shrunk to $3 billion shortly before it was abruptly closed last month. 'It was never about the money,' one person close to de Vaulx told the outlet. 'IVA was an embodiment of de Vaulx's personality and when it began to unwind, he took it personally.' De Vaulx was a protégé of legendary investor Jean-Marie Eveillard and had founded IVA after abruptly leaving the firm First Eagle. Known as a value manager who favored undervalued and unloved stocks, de Vaulx was named Morningstar´s International Stock Manager of the Year in 2001 along with Eveillard - his long-time mentor. He was a runner-up for the same prize in 2006.
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