$SPY I listen to Sade after work in my tiny car and go driving. I got new tires recently. I saved $300 dollars getting a size alittlle wider. I think I'll buy a computer tonight to use in tandem with my 20 android devices. I have a Linux i7 2015 i7 8 core though. I'll use that for investing.com/ and Bloomberg stream. I'm thinking of getting a ryzen 7 and buy the gpu later. I'm in $GLD and $SH as of Friday. Avg price gld is 166.5
@pnvoss @MonTzz I need to see IWM EEM complete the head and shoulders before I'm fully committed to a bear thesis but I think I've seen enough bearish signals on the nasdaq. Will it be enough to sink the S&P? Feb's 10% haircut in tech didn't phase $SPY much (5% dip). But with Cathie Wood's picks still underwater from Feb I think this time people won't be so bullish to hold if $QQQ goes down again.
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