$TMMI Updated reasons I like this one: 1. Pink Current 2. March Verified Profile, with contact updates 3. Great Share Structure, unchanged. *Check otcmarkets.com/stock/TMMI/p... for 1-3 4. Updated Free Version of video player in March and July Check trudef.us/downloads.php and tmmi.us/index2.php (bottom of page) and microsoft.com/en-us/p/trude... 5. Recent management/board changes. tmmi.us/news/news_2021-04-2... 7. Update on Legal: tmmi.us/news/news_2021-06-0... 6. New board member added July 15 tmmi.us/news/news_2021-07-1... *Check tmmi.us/news.php for all news 7. Several recent updates to the website. 8. Very interesting compression tech that seems to be a good fit for streaming. 9. A chart that shows strong accumulation for months going back to late 2020 and short and shorter consolidation periods between each move up.