$TSOI Looks like I touched a little baby basher nerve 😂😂😂 Stay quiet long enough and they come crawling out of the woodworks...Like little termites. My advice? Go get your information from the forum. That’s where the answers/truth are...There’s some, newly arrived, but old and tired in tactic. Little baby bashers from Yahoo etc. Can’t blame them. They used to rule the roost, but no one visits anymore. They crapped everywhere. Ruined it for everyone. I’d wager they’re trying to do the same thing here. But this isn’t 2018. We didn’t have the forum or the information packed website therapeuticsolutionsint.com/ Do you smell that? They wreak of desperation. I wouldn’t respond to one of their pathetic posts directly donating seven dollars into their little tiny checking accounts for all the money in the world. I’m principled like that. TSOI fits seamlessly with my principles. The Best Biotech. Period. Tim Dixon/Team TSOI will steamroll...Oops...spoiler alert 😎🍻