$TSOI …And “investors” wonder why Tim Dixon/TSI legal won’t hand them what they “want” lol this is serious. People’s lives are on the line. You wanna flip/swing/run scams? there’s plenty of opportunity out there so I’m told…Maybe this isn’t for you? 30 minutes of research on the forum and this person would Discover, Tim Dixon/TSI BOD/Legal isn’t going to say anything about anything until it’s done. Beg whine bitch moan complain all you want. Have side conversations, libel, character assassinate, threaten, pretend to be this guy pretend to be that pig. It won’t change anything. Capeesh? This is the best Bio in a generation with the best damn CEO around. He’s too smart for you. Miles ahead. You’re not gonna be able to run your scam without generating movement on your own, in the open, naked. Go for it. Good luck with that…