$ZI their prices will be cut in half within a year, non sustainable which means sales reps will leave as well and growth will get smacked instantly. Enjoy it while it lasts but no one is going to let these guys charge 35k+ per year for a few thousand emails lol
@beenwilli they’re lucky now because the end user can afford to pay it. If you look at average quota of BDR vs their salary most companies are paying $250 per appointment which is why they’re able to validate those prices. Doesn’t make it right and won’t last
@beenwilli doesn't hurt that they’re targeting funded saas dweebs who have no clue how to sell but those funded bank accounts are drying up fast- no more easy funding rounds.…. the glory days are over. Don’t forget, when they lower prices their top SDRs are looking to jump ship fast for juicy commission checks somewhere else and it all crumbles without that talent