$SOS based on historical chart, this could stay low for up to 6 months (2.5 months already passed since the R/S) But when it does go up, it will bea massive step function. right now, we are in the moderate bullish mode, i.e,. price down, vol down, and open-interest down, its actually bullish in Wall-Street terms, because of decelerated bearish terms, all the desperate holders are already gone. your correct trading strategies - 1) trading other tickers, don't think about $SOS for another 3 months, leave it on backburner. There are so MANY huge life-changing trading opportunities (like my $1.5M+ play of $HKD in 2 days) out there and coming $CLEU pump #2 we are orchestrating ... 2) Avg down when you have trading profits from other plays, I dump 4000 share daily (2000 in the morning and 2000 in the afternoon) to lower my avg from $58.6 --> $52.5 3) wait for $CLEU type of reverse merger news ... and that massive pay day! $CLEU Vol up 8900%+ just in premarket!!!