$NSAV Indeed, OTC Sniper 7 - FUD Alert! Since when is the market rational? Is it rational that KODK went from practically zero to $60 on a "potential" government contract? Is it rational that AABB went to almost $0.60, on promises they hope (we all hope) they will deliver? NOTE: I am an investor with AABB, and HODL'ing since before the rip. Is it rational that Meme stocks are trading at such extremely high price per share? Does anyone give a rats ass about a Float over there? I am not saying Fundamentals don't matter. What I am saying is that it's not like you have our best interest in mind floating your Float argument to us weary $NSAV investors. Its that its so transparently FUD, it's laughable. I guess you must really need our shares. Oh, don't you worry about our float chooch.