$MVIS and $MSFT Are both based in the Seattle area which is where I'm from and I can see why some of them eventually go to work there......Because it's an AMAZING company and who wouldn't want to work there if the opportunity was a good fit. But anyways I thought i would share this 1 year old conversation about the amount of workers that had transferred to Microsoft. And there has been more added since and like most of are all wondering if it is really going to happen.......and I think if $MSFT was to go for the BO I would think that would be the time. REASONS WHY 1-Stock price is cheap and undervalued 2-They are already working together 3-Wouldnt have to pay royalties 4-"The Halolens dismantle of evidence" 5-Partnership future with the technology from $MVIS would open SO many doors and alleys to things thought UNIMAGINABLE....... SO WITH THAT BEING SAID....LETS GET THIS DEAL DONE AND BECOME THE POWERHOUSE THAT WE ALL KNOW IT CAN BEπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ» $MVIS πŸ’˜ $MSFT βœ’
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