$RSLS Just looking at chart and previous price action, I think this won't just be a reversal it will be a massive spike. The reversal we had for 3 days last year July 27th-29th up to 4.50 which I called btw was FTD's and shorts covering off of a fake sell off. Here we are a year later and I don't see much more downside and it really would not make much sense for institutional investors and hedge funds to lose Millions on their long positions. I think only those that held on will walk away unscathed just like the smart money has done here. This won't be a simple reversal and every single person that kept speaking negativity about me and commenting and @ me this whole time trying to get me to sell will have lost because I will not break on this. My time will come and they know it so keep at it little turds the more you try the better the win will feel and I won't have to prove nothing you will disappear like the fart in the wind you are.