$IDEX I know that we invest the most important thing right now is the good news IDEX will go up $ 5 next year and next year our 50 days lower, 50 days the chance of 3 4 or even 5 times my assets is huge I am very confident with IDEX, I don't mind sharing my stock information, I hate 2 $ - 2.5 $, I used to hope 3 $ but I think with my risk I deserve more than that I will be the last to leave this floor, the upcoming bears will pull IDEX down and that's when you take your chance. from now on, i won, but i still feel that is not enough, i am greedy .. but i will deserve 1.50 is fine, but wait open and set 1.48 1.49, next week at 1.55 you are safe
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