$SIRC SIRC STRONG!!!! 1. Audit coming. 2. Profitable this year. 3. Share buy back. 4. QB up-list coming. 5. Possible Nasdaq up-list in 2022. 6. Massive revenue growth year over year. 7. Solar is booming for another 5-10 years or more. 8. Many acquisitions to help generate revenue. 9. Low float. 10. SIRC is expanding at a record pace. 11. Outstanding upper-management team. 12. Excellent company transparency - monthly Q&A sessions on Discord-MediaTek 13. Beautiful daily chart with price above the 250 EMA, rising bottoms and ready to break up out of a large symmetrical triangle pattern. 14.....AND NOW: SIRC Reaches Agreement With Arbiter Bank for a 35 million dollar investment in SIRC. Funds will be used for expansion and growth in SIRC's projected move to NASDAQ.