$SLI 75 of 100 charts in 60 minutes and in no particular order. No notes this week because my goal is not to lead people to any conclusions. In the end the market will always do what it wants despite our best efforts. Our job as traders is to place our bets at optimal times, control our risk, and leave the rest up to the trading gods. Remember to comment and/or like any charts that you want to see again next week. The charts that get little to no love I'll have to assume nobody cares about and those tickers will run the risk of being left off of the 100 charts in 60 minutes next week. So, let's get the conversation started and have some fun! Side Note: Last week I was unable to complete the 100 charts in 60 minutes. It actually took me 90 minutes. This week I actually 107 charts to post. What are the odds I can complete it in 60 minutes??? Place your bets. LOL