$AUPH So now I see why doctors are hesitant to prescribe Voclosporin as evidenced in the tepid sale during the last two quarters. When the patients on Voclosporin, their renal function (eGFR) actually declined (29% of Voc group vs. 9% placebo). This drug is killing their renal function. On top of that, 19% of Voc group has hypertension as the result compared to 9% in placebo. So, if your patient is on Voc, you might have to put them on anti-hypertensive meds to counter the side effects. This is a big no no. Many American patients have renal and blood pressure issues already, and with these caveats, it will be a tough sale. That was probably the main reason why doctors prefer Tacrolimus or cyclosporine for the maintenance therapy once the patients are controlled. Don’t drink the Kool Aid. Research into what I say.