$NWGC So… Here’s what you have to figure out…. How long will it be till they realize it’s not going any higher than this and they’ve spent months pumping it all the while knowing this is nothing but a pump and dump… How long are they going to leave those millions and millions of shares in place? They look at the rest of the OTC market and realize there are much better gains than this…. Why waste time? It makes no financial sense…. If you are waiting till after they dump…. Im so sorry…. The hype is now low…. When too much time passes, too many delays occur, too many mysterious circumstances, pumps, dumps, a chaotic chart, too many people have been burned…. If things went smoothly a month ago this may have hit 5 cents or more, but you had Salomonsky and court debacle, BoundlessJay creating multiple accounts creating confusion, strange explanations, Mark posting on Stocktwits doesnt help 🤦‍♀️ You messed this one up and let a lot of people down! DISAPPOINTED!