$GNUS Like him or hate him, @Lionmaster was and is right. You could have sold at $11 and you didn't. You could have sold at $4 literally 2 weeks ago and held. You're sitting in this position because you chose to, because you're greedy. The stock may rise Monday, but don't be surprised when it either hits $2 and drops back down or simply drops at opening and hits $1.50. A nice app is not going change the absolute insanity that is introducing new shares in an attempt to purchase "assets" (whatever that really means) while your stock has bled red every. single. day. For 2 weeks. And if by some miracle it does hit 3 or 4 dollars, short term, I'm out completely. Disney's play book included buying back shares prior to acquiring assets, Genius has 55 mil on hand while shares sit at $1.70. And when it drops below a dollar and the "acquisition" doesn't work out, expect a R/S to hold it over that mark.
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