$GNUS Let's put this all into perspective. You have very scared investors out there, especially big money. This is a risky play with how many shorts have been attacking and those that will continue to. Does this move Monday on the iOS release alone? Probably, but not much. I expect it to bounce around the $2 mark, possibly test that $2.20 resistance that we hit last week. Now, if (and this is a big if) we have news regarding celebrity talent (that was promised weeks ago) drop prior to open? It could hit $3-4. That's with Andy actually wanting to get his stock out of this nosedive, doing the work needed to get the deal signed and using cash on hand to pay for it. I simply don't see that happening. The good news? The app is very solid and is starting to trend, which could attract a lot of attention. However, it hasn't been updated on all platforms and the content is still lackluster. I'm optimistic and still hold my long position (and will continue to). I'm also grounded in reality.
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