$ACB $ACB Financial liquidity: unrestricted cash: 152.5M A/R: 91M Inventory: 151M Capex decrease/cash savings on sun/Nordic hold: 190M in next 12 months Potential cash: Stake in radiant: 24M Stake in enwave: 10M Stake in cann group: 55M Stake in alcanna: 49M Stake in choom: 18M Stake in high tide: 10M Stake in capcium: 9M Unused debt facilities: BMO: 111M CAD Equity financing: At-the-market (dilutive): 276M USD Shelf prospectus (potentially dilutive): 750M USD Liabilities that need to be paid in 12 months: Current liabilities remaining: A/P: 164M Convertible debenture: 18M (230M/248M settled via equity conversion) Loans/contingent payable: 52M Total current liabilities: 234 CAD it’s gonna be ok no matter how dire the situation gets.
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