$AMC you guys are in an abusive relationship and are in denial. The CEO does not like us. He fears the day this squeezes, he'd rather keep you hanging on by a thread in anticipation while he does everything in his power to prolong it. You're being played.
@TtheKing99 The 43 million we knew about. The additional 20 were from the management incentive plan. 43+8.5+11.5 is 63 million. Leaving none left with the exception of the 46k. Makes sense no?
@Profiit @TtheKing99 but, here's what I didn't mention. A different filing for a different 8.5 million, sold off at 13.60 area, (i forget down to the penny but I'll post a screenshot and link for you). He never spoke on this. So, we have a total including the original prospectus + management incentive plan of 71.7 million shares, right? 51.7+20. Now, let's take the 43 sold off mid teens+ 8.5 to Mudrick+ 11.5 today+8.5 at 13.67ish or some decimal i can't remember. And you get 71.5 leaving about 200kish left here's the link to the hidden 8.5 sold in the low teens, idk his goals but its wierd to me. d18rn0p25nwr6d.cloudfront.n...
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