$EMAN can anyone give a quick update of rest of year forecast? 10k nits? Apple?? F-16 helmets? Announcements? Can’t get my arms around this and trying to understand some sort of a timeline as to what the expectation is
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@Turnberry which is why I do not understand the price. It is not being manipulated but it seems to be very overlooked Why no PR? Are they waiting on tier 1 contracts to do the PR?? Seems more news and/or press releases would come no?? Why so quiet?
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@WarEagle2020 Good question. The bottom line is market recognition. It’s not always something that comes easy or fast. It takes time. Just now, Seeking Alpha published an article after almost two years. Just now, the company finished patenting its dPd IP. Just now it received the DoD grants validating this technology. Just now the tier ones are in mature stages of development for AR/VR and other wearables. Just now AR/VR is becoming mainstream. And just now the company is showing YoY and WoQ growth. dPd was in development for 8 years, and its just now market ready. But I agree, once the market and tutes take heed, it’ll really take off. I was in AMD in Q1 of 2018 when the market and tutes were MIA, it wasn’t until the Q2 ER that the market started to take notice. It’s a process.
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