$AMC why hedgies could be in real in trouble 1. Amc opened up end of March 2. Gigantic short position at least 4 months worth no one really knows how big but Adam does. Enough to cancel share offering last night 3. Shares are scarce to borrow see etf and daily availability rates 4. Vaccines really work in fact really work well wholesale death in retirement homes gone why they got vaccinated know this first hand ....zero in 2 months at ours. Vaccines in this case Pfizer and Moderna in February. 5. Vaccines will increase capacity from 33% to 50% then 75% 6. Banks who are selling shares will most likely refinance new debt plan now that revenues are back if needed 7. Printed shares can only be replace by real shares with 500 million tendy cancelled you know what’s next. 8. Buy and hold squeeze could take days. 9. Volume early yest. and they fought like the devil to keep it under 12. They had to have borrowed more adding to the the till. Wall street knows game is over funds buytime imo
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