$FCEL There are a lot of naysayers in here and all over the market this week. The market has been down for various reasons. As for FCEL.... The green wave sweeping across the utility industry has not gone away over night! Trillions will be spent on green energy over the next decade. There are articles this week about the European plant creating competition for US Fuel Cell companies. Listen to what Biden said... he will create US jobs in green energy and buy AMERICAN. I see the European plant as a plus for hydrogen over all and that is a plus for FCEL. As for the Texas power outages... it just goes to show wind, solar and battery storage is not where its at! Sustainable consistent generation from hydrogen should be the winner. Either way the outages are due to their grid structure and mother nature. I am a Utility Electrical Technician by trade, have been long here for quite some time and have been watching the Industry go green for years.