$RMSL Fun fact of the day... 80% of all retail traders lose money. I will never understand the continued hatred people post towards other retail investors when multiple tickers are posted in one post. Especially when somebody does not bash any of the tickers. I personally love cross posted stocks as it allows me the opportunity to find new early potential runners. ( $DPLS $AITX and $FERN are all tickers I was told about from other investors. It is always up to you to do your own DD and only you are responsible for pulling the trigger, but the anger of being down on your investment and lashing out towards others is annoying and immature. Grow up, learn what work best for you, but keep an open mind! Having said if you dont want to look into a ticker simply move along and dont look, thats your own decision to make. I like to think keeping an open mind can help you become part of the 20% who are actually profitable. GOOD LUCK as always! 🀘🏻😎