$YMTX Countdown 12 days. I got taken by RASMUS the CEO from Hi-CRUSH for 270,000 . He walked away with 90 million out of a company he bankrupted. His two buddies also got their 90 million each. 270 million. Odd that I got taken a period point less. --My point is that I backed the merger with PTI and YMTX with a promise of the CVR,s . I wonder what they will do when they fuck me over. I know there are other suckers out there. That lie cost many of us. They got 12 days to do the right thing. --Things are going to get tight in the next 12 days. Help me. Back me up. All those people from Hi-Crush got taken, and zero was done to RASMUS. He lives in Chicago in the top ten best homes out there. He loves trump. I am so stupid to have believed in liars.