@Uberwaffen @EA2020 do you really listen to yourself. This went down because of government intervention dealing with inflation there is nothing that you said or did that put this down. My issue is with you talking trash about sens when you need to buy then bigging it up when you need to sell. This is market manipulation if you were a big fund. Don't give yourself to much credit what happens this week mate and you don't have the knowledge
@EA2020 right government did it. 😂 this is comedy. Jerome Powell crashed sens. DXCM went down 5% from its high of $420 to $400. SENS crashed 50% because of dumb shits like you chasing 🚀s on YouTube. You know what you deserved to get slaughtered. You know how I said you won’t be here when this blows up ? I take it back you will be here holding a bag waiting for another dumb 🚀 chasing pumper to pick it up from you down the road. Hope you learn to read valuations and charts by then
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