$TEVA J&J just upped their National US opioid settlement proposal to $5 bill, 25% higher than a previous settlement proposal to try to push for a deal regarding the 3,000 Opioid suits. I wonder if Teve will walk the same path soon..
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@Ulrikp @Gratisten Teva’s offer is generous. The 3 distributors are far more culpable and are the money bags (fking middlemen). If they together fork another 1-2B, the deal will be done soon. They are the ones dragging this
@trvlrmm @Gratisten Teva was allowed to pay with drugs as they managed, due to the high debt, to convince the lawyers on the government side that they couldnt pay a higher amount. If you look at the attached photo you can see the exposure based on market share. If JNJ goes to 5b then TEVA, based on market share, could end up with 3.75b. So I agree with you they are paying enough but we are not the ones who has to agree on it. The issue is probably how you value the 25b worth of drugs. As far as I have read the cost for TEVA is 1.23b. So the discussion started with 1.5B (With the cash). If they get away with that we need to hail CEO and lawyers as wizards. I’m sure the lawyers on the other side is using the attached and will push TEVA with it and TEVA will say they are giving the drugs. But clearly the amount will end up somewhere in between these two numbers. Analyst are expecting 3.5b in total including price fixing so I guess they are estimating the opioid cost of around 2.5b-2.7B.
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