$INO KB: 4802: Second Generation Pan-Covid vaccine. Promising data from testing in mice shows immune responses are retained against Wuhan and UK strains with improved immune responses against SA and Brazil strains (cellular response and NAb) Inovio’s platform has enabled rapid evolution of our COVid vaccine approach from optimized for single strain to optimized for newly emerging variants, with the potential to offer protective immune responses against further emerging variants. Phase 1/2 trial is planned for 2021 demonstrating accelerated timeline from lab to clinic. “We have begun talks with various organizations like CEPI, Barda, etc for the support of our INO-4802. Hopefully, we will receive a positive response.” 4/15 Inov could get Ino-4800 P3 funding from CEPI, and/or partner with a BP? Merck, GSK, Sanofi. Advaccine to preprint P2 data this May. So will Ino. Advaccine to receive NMPA OK to start P3 before Ino.