$MMAT if theres one thing so far everyone here has agreed on...its that the assigned MMTLP preferred/placeholder shares were correct to the exact number when it popped up late this week under the MMTLP ticker on everyones accounts. Three possibilities come to mind...1) MMAT in fact received exemption/registration to make preferred shares tradeable under the law and gave the MMs the yes to start an otc ticker, 2) the MMs hired world class hackers to hack into secret META files and retrieve exact dividend placeholder share values to replicate into a "scam" ticker, or 3) the MMs have secret psychic abilities to know exactly which of the thousands of investors were to be given dividends and exactly how many of the 165 million each were assigned. Does #2 and #3 sound absolutely ridiculous?? Yea it does to me too....that leaves option #1...if anyone sees a fourth or alternate possibility then please contribute to the discussion. This is all just my opinions. Good luck to all.