Why does $UBER assume that if they buy up one or even all competitors they will be able to raise price and be profitable!? Let me make it clear, Food delivery is not a major necessity for people to be paying super high premium for it. I would rather go get the food myself if it I have to pay close to 20$ on a delivery. I can cook or go eat out. The whole idea of monopolising the delivery market is impractical, any food company that beats your price can take you out anytime. And no body cares which company serves them. In the ride-sharing market, you care about the company for many legit reasons but not in food delivery. You care about cost. Added to that, if the economy slows down and people are layed off, consumer demand will slow down and revenue will go down. Meaning much fewer people will afford delivery fees. $GRUB $UBER $LYFT $AMZN $GOOGL
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