$SHCR $CLOV Yesterday Valhalla told you guys “nothing has changed” even though the company was to be diluted 50% Today he is asking what changed with CLOV - which the answer is actually nothing Friday you were celebrating passing CLOV in price Just over one trading day later Valhalla is calling out how red we are today (on a red day) despite us being over two dollars higher in price Can’t make this stuff up 🤷🏼‍♂️
@IdeletedRobinhood it’s being diluted 50%? When? today? Or did you mean it’s a conditional thing when the market cap is significantly higher than today which means that in fact it’s not being diluted 50%??? I’m just curious why $CLOV is down 15% the day after you ran your mouth?? I mean by your own logic there’s always a reason… $CLOV is a shit stock, that’s why.
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