$LKNCY the pumpers here on the forum drive me nuts. It is crazy how they like to pump LK with statements like "LK is not required to file any financials statements (because on OTC)...this can cause huge upside potential...Check out $TCEHY and $NSRGY." This must be a joke right!? The mentioned companies $TCEHY and $NSRGY and are up so much because the announces ER every quarter. For example NSRGY made 99bio revenue compared to LKs not audited revenue of $700MIO. The communication from $TCEHY and $NSRGY management towards investors with regular ERs has driven the share price and not hope like it is the case for LK. So did we already received the ER from LK? Still not? To neutral investors it looks like THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN! It seem like the old and new auditors can not publish the ER because THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN. As a conclusion LK is a pure gamble. With no news LK is still very risky and they can go bankrupt immediately once the publish ER
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