$FLDM was asked to post this on main page; regarding BOs and $TMO i worked in management for them for 10 years. No to little interaction with Marc but it’s obvious he shops his deals for years and can influence SP. it wasn’t so long ago the SP of QIAGEN got run into the ground and savior $TMO comes in to save the day. Only thing stopping it being pandemic of lifetime which doubles value of company overnight. I wouldn’t put it past them, however now we need to think rationality of that. 1.) Marc shops deals for years and thought he was in QIAGEN 2.) if FLDM is on radar it’s only been recently, maybe it was a 5-10 year play now sped up to 3 years 3) what does Thermo want $FLDM for? Definitely not the biomark, it would exclusively be for the microfluidics for sample prep 4.) is that valuable enough and is it IPed enough 5) valuable? I think so they were fucking buying back kingfishers from customers for their covid testing tabletop automated system “think car making robot big” Bullish
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