$HCR I expect HCRs Wisconsin plants at Blair and Wyeville to continue to stay open because they have a very low cost contrary to what a predator (SandHauler) tried to claim yesterday in a response to my comment. Emerge Energy had a net debt to equity ratio of 4.3 on Dec 31, 2016, 5.0 on Dec 31, 2017 and a negative equity on Dec 31, 2018. Hi-Crush had a net debt to equity ratio of 2.2 in Q4 2015 and a net debt to equity ratio of 3.0 in Q1, 2016 & its balance sheet started to improve after that. Thus, Emerge Energy & Hi Crush are not similar. EMES was a higher cost producer & they had no local Permian plant and no last mile solution. Via their Earnings call SLCA had margins of – $4.50 in Q2 2016 &-$1.17 in Q3, 2016 for their oil and gas division. Hi Crush has never had negative margins. Opec has said they will reduce output if a trade war or a coronavirus causes a recession. There are Cos in all industries that have gone bankrupt.
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