$HTZ AfterStudyinghttps://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/viewer?action=view&cik=1657853&accession_number=0001657853-20-000049&xbrl_type=v# HTZ has 25.8 bill inAssets& 24.3 Bil inLIabilities. It will be arguedThat the assets will have to beSold at a discount so there is lessAssets thanLiabilities. Thus, the lenders cannot be completelyPaidBack. AccordingTo the RuleOf AbsolutePriority this means stockholders willEventually receiveNothing. However, in the short tterm the stock will still have some worth because Hedge funds will be trying to purchase putOptions and they need to have the stock have some worth in order for them to purchase putOptions at a goodPrice. You need to trade HTZforHCR, via the latter is priced for bankruptcy unjustly. I have shown that it has lots of promise on the message boardFor the latter. Ipredicted HTZ going under 20 days ago & on bothCoMessage boards.
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