$HCR Requiring overkill oil prices or profitability can mean buying HCR high & selling HCR low. 12months & 6month after oil prices started rising on approx. Feb7, 2016, HiCrush was one of the top performingStocks in the stockMarket. However, Hi-Crush lost money on every 10-Q earnings filing between & including Oct26, 2015 – May1, 2017. It was not till Aug2, 2017 that they finally posted a profit. They announced a capital raise on Jan4, 2017 when their units were over $20/unit. Hi-Crush drastically unperformed the other oil stocks for 20days after oil prices began to rise in 2016 & reached a low of approx. $3.70/unit. I’ve stated why HCR willLikely have better 10-Qs than what is on their April28 2016 SEC filing.
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