$MVIS I'm more calm and certain than ever before. I learned to trust my judgement and my decisions I've made rationally, with a clear head. I can't imagine finding an investment ever again that has such a high potential. Fundamentals? This is the defining technology of the next decade. Laid out to everyone for free on here and Reddit. Technicals? Look at the chart. One of the straightest trendlines I've seen. We are down 40 cents? Wrong perspective. A month ago we were around 1.50. If someone told you back then that in a month, we will be at 2.4, I'm sure you all would have happily accepted it. Well, "this is where we are now", as Sharma said. People don't appreciate the greatness of this stock and company and the expected value (as in, the mathematical term) of the return of this investment. We are another one week closer. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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