$TEVA 2. Austedo under performing, Ajovy out competed, Copaxone will soon have more competetors and will be outdated and out of race. No $ in bag to invest in R&D. Huge debts and unresolved lawsuits. Think for once, all these arguments can be ignored? Don't they outweigh the positives? What would teva do when they're told to pay cash? Did you not hear kare saying he doesn't even wanna think about purdue bankruptcy scenario cos simply no cash to contribute. All hangs on outcome of their proposed 23b deal. Not just local attorney but also AG of state are not on board with teva. What's the probability of securing deal? 10% or less. Let opioid and price fixing be solved then it's good buy definitely but with these grey cloud hanging only a fool would get into this and hope for best. For now it's a shrinking ship. Ignorance at your own peril!!
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