@howardlindzon hey how about you do something about this guys violations? Doesn’t seem like anybody pays attention to the fact that he is a constant violator. Meanwhile he gets people thrown off at his will?? It’s a little ridiculous. You need to run this site consistently don’t you? This is just a handful of his posts he is like this all the time. Why are you not throwing him off the website? Are you guys like next-door neighbors? You seem to take good care of him why don’t you take care of the rest of us too
@howardlindzon @Stocktwits you need to realize half of the people on this website are women and we are tired of Stocktwits sitting by and letting “boys be boys” It’s time for you to do the right thing
@howardlindzon @Stocktwits He just says the word and you do it. This guy is just as guilty of violating the policy repetitively and you’re doing nothing. You are doing it in front of the entire community also. Time to stop pandering to Walter and run this place like you’re a Legitimate stock trading for him instead of a boys club.