$GME The increase in consumer spending on video games is encouraging, and there's no doubt it's significantly beneficial to GameStop. However, I have noticed something that's driving me nuts. I live in Ontario, Canada and there are so many products that are available in store, but can't be delivered. Under "normal circumstances" it would be unacceptable to not offer shipping for most products, but during a time like this its disgraceful. PS4 & Xbox one consoles, controllers, and most games don't have the shipping method, but DO have them available in stores. Jim Bell talks about creating a more efficient inventory model yet he allows this to happen? Chris Homeister and Frank Hamlin need to take blame for this too. Its their job to make sure customers get their products when and how they want them. I know Canada only account for 299 stores but this company is in NO state whatsoever to slack off in ANY country they operate in. Yet they preach they're executing the reboot plan perfectly.
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