Thursday's Top 5 Market Hour Runners to be watched for more upside continuation tomorrow - Brought to you by team Arcadia: 1. $HSTO +13.42% 2. $CRMD +13.32% 3. $ALTU +13.30% 4. $IPA +13.25% 5. $WNW +12.73% P.S. Some of these plays dropped a little in the afternoon because they have been up so much, doesn't mean they don't have more upside. ----------------------------------------------------- Team Arcadia is currently up 837.2% in closed positions in the last 30 trading days. Up 188.9% on the most recent closed position, CNSP, BCLI and AGEN (screenshot below). If you don't believe me, all my trades are recorded, live, and dated in my channel, feel free to come check them out. Click the link in my bio to join the chat room and get the exact same entries and exits as me!