$EBIX This is great news for EBIX! Lloyd's canceled its contract with CGI who was supposed to replace EBIX as the vendor for the next gen of PPL. Looks like LLoyd's/PPL will likely be using EBIX for a lot longer than expected. Great high-margin revenue for Ebix that was going to expire soon -- now it won't be! insuranceinsider.com/articl... PPL terminates CGI contract as NextGen platform launch delayed 01 July 2021 PPL has ended its contract with technology consultant CGI on the build of the PPL NextGen platform, the launch of which has now been delayed until 2022, Insurance Insider can reveal. It is understood that PPL had not been satisfied with the quality and timing of the work being carried out by CGI, and has decided to push back the unveiling of the next version of the electronic trading platform until next year. According to Blueprint Two, the work was scheduled to be completed in H2 2021.