$ATVI I'm in the minority that thinks Bobby shouldn't step down. He should have been canned back in July when all this came out but he wasn't. At this point the damage has been done. He was called out in July and then a few days ago, then the employees staged a walkout demanding he resign and playstation and xbox condemned him. The board already made it clear that they aren't going to fire him and they told all the employees he has no plans to resign. If they can him now then the stock will drop another 5 percentage points and it will take years to get any traction as all "analysts" write about how the company has to reinvent itself to be a good investment. What he did was scummy and he should have been fired a while ago but he wasn't. The damage is already done, eventually it will become old news and people think of it as something in the past. This is hardly the first large corporation to have a sexual harassment scandal.