$DYAI For those long who are letting this little pull back bother them, I strongly recommend you listen to the audios from the recent presentations. I had to quit listening to these as they get me so pumped up that I keep buying stock. Mark could have cashed out years ago but instead has the majority of his and his kids net worth tied up in the stock. That is an incredible amount of confidence. You can’t crash & burn in this unless he does which is very unusual for a small stock. Mark clearly states that 8 out 10 companies that look at C1 do a collaboration with them. People are not grasping that 8 out of 10 companies that look at C1 are not only doing a collaboration but are paying all the costs of the collaberation. This is quite amazing and tells you that C1 is very impressive. While not necessary for DYAI to be very successful, if they can produce viral vectors or get to g0 (glycolic engineering), then who knows what the value is.
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