$VXRT Don’t Stop Believin’ 1 Last week I was coming out of a deep rabbit hole, thus the last couple of pages on the military background of the Attwill lobbyist, which very few here would find interesting. As @kthegmeg said, “You can’t rush quality.” And he/she’s right. I put out almost 50 pages within a few days last week, starting from scratch. I have a high standard for myself and it’s difficult to maintain when I’m pumping out that much volume. I can get off tangent a little bit so I’ll probably slow down a little. Love all the multi-page posts lately. I don’t have the pleasure of sitting down to read a 39 page post (my record) so I’ll take what I can get. @1BudgetTrader's 6-page post on the science a couple weeks ago was brilliant. He put it in layman’s terms so I could understand. This guy is incredibly knowledgeable and I can’t believe he doesn’t have more followers. He’s one of the first I go to when I login in the morning.