$VXRT Don’t Stop Believin’ 11 Recently, @Worktogether posted that he believes Vaxart is applying a strategy straight out of The Art of War. In response, @Grown_Up_Gambler came up with this gem: “Never interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake.” Vaxart remains silent while the public realizes the current jabs do not prevent them from getting infected and transmitting the virus to others? On another topic, I love the green pills. In the dream and collective unconscious world, green represents healing and nature. It’s also the color of tendies, so Vaxy killed it on both fronts. @Timedentry posted the Janssen NHP study reported in “Nature,” highlighted by the line, “Additional studies could also evaluate mucosal delivery of this vaccine.” Two of the co-authors were Ralph Baric and Dan Barouch (who was also on the Stanford COP study) nature.com/articles/s41586-... It was coauthored by 30 scientists.